Sparkling element incl. tubes and adaptor (bottle centered)
Sparkling element incl. tubes and adaptor (bottle centered)

Sparkling element incl. tubes and adaptor (bottle centered)

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Nasal cannula, 4,27 m length

xtra long AIRNERGY oxygen - nasal cannula for our breathing devices


These extra long Airnergy nasal cannulas with approx. 4.27 m long oxygen safety hose are transparent, latex-free and DEHP-free. They are equipped with an outer star lumen, which prevents kinking and ensures a continuous oxygen supply.


The nasal cannulas reduce health risks due to its phthalate-free composition, making it ideal for long-term use with our Airnergy nasal cannulas.

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Headset diffuser

The Headset Diffuser Stream HS is an excellent alternative to the normal nasal cannula and is included in the delivery with the Stream HS.


With the Headset Diffuser Stream HS a combined application with the AIRNERGY spirovital therapy has been simplified. The attachment of the diffuser is very easy and is done on the white connection ball below the ear cup of the Stream HS headset.


The AIRNERGY Headset Diffuser is the perfect complement to our Stream HS and also a good alternative to traditional nasal cannulas, as contact with the nose is avoided. This also makes it easier to use the breathing device at the same time as the Stream HS.


The first "open" oxygen delivery system with which the diffuser is positioned over the mouth and nose and delivers the same amount of oxygen as our conventional nasal cannulas. Because there is no contact with the face here, the Headset Diffuser can be used by more than one person.

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