Nasal cannula for kids
Nasal cannula for kids

Nasal cannula for kids

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Nasal cannula, 4,27 m length

xtra long AIRNERGY oxygen - nasal cannula for our breathing devices


These extra long Airnergy nasal cannulas with approx. 4.27 m long oxygen safety hose are transparent, latex-free and DEHP-free. They are equipped with an outer star lumen, which prevents kinking and ensures a continuous oxygen supply.


The nasal cannulas reduce health risks due to its phthalate-free composition, making it ideal for long-term use with our Airnergy nasal cannulas.

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AIRNERGY+ Air and antibacterial filter Version 2 (2 pieces, PU)

AIRNERGY antibacterial filter (version 2) for devices purchased after 01.01.2014


The AIRNERGY bacteria and virus filter is used on our breathing devices to ensure that contaminated air is purified by the filter and provided to you clean. Viruses, mite eggs, pollen, aerosols, germs and further (toxic) dust particles are also separated from the air.


The filter also reliably prevents contaminated air and liquid from entering the device and thus damaging it.

20,23 EUR
AIRNERGY+ Vitalizer type: Basis Plus

The AIRNERGY Basis Plus breathing device is the ideal introduction to spirovital therapy. A large number of customer feedbacks show that it is particularly popular for use in cases of high blood pressure, hay fever, fatigue, burnout & stress and generally as a health precaution.


Dimensions (mm) incl. glass bottle: 350 x 310 x 240 (W x H x D).


3.570,00 EUR