The Airnergy-Code of Ethics

The following Code of Ethics formulates values and values that characterize the AIRNERGY company and its way of working. They are binding for all employees and define standards on which all AIRNERGY business partners and customers can rely. All over the world.

We are not world improvers – but we want to make the world a better place!

The world in which we live and the air we breathe: these are our most important concerns. Respect for all that lives determines our thinking, feeling and acting. The focus is on the human being. His dignity is inviolable. His health is our mission and vocation. The preservation of the natural resources at its disposal and their sustainable preservation from and liberation from harmful influences is our primary objective.

Honesty, openness, loyalty and trust are fundamental qualities that our business partners and customers can fully expect from us.

In the AIRNERGY team, respect and respect are the cornerstones of cooperation. However, distrust, envy, insults belong to people’s lives, even in a company. They are the result of our individual so-being, our otherness. We would like to deal with it in a solidary and open way: Today you offend me, tomorrow I will offend Mrs. Miller – that’s the way it is, it’s simply human. What can we do?
We can perceive mistakes, communicate them to each other, apologize for them and ask each other for understanding. We can learn this and teach each other, one easier, the other harder – regardless of the professional position. We live in times of great change, necessary change at all levels. Let us accept it!

In a “all human beings are in their own way like me” atmosphere, aggression, insinuations, degradingands and assaults do not find fertile ground. On the contrary: Stronger people help the weaker, healthy people reach out to the sick.

Strength is not the result of individual performance – only together we are strong.

Scientific work is the basis of all AIRNERGY products; Scientists and qualified representatives of the humanities are constantly researching and completing the theoretical prerequisites for this. They act to the best of their knowledge and belief, always in accordance with the ethical guidelines of their respective professions and the AIRNERGY Code of Ethics.

Knowledge is not static, but it moves forward through research with the aim of bringing humanity forward.

Competent, quality- and responsible technical implementation of scientific knowledge for the benefit of health (as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)) is the driving force of our production. The following applies: Quality awareness takes precedence over cost issues. Health technology is not a discount edifold.

AIRNERGY employees and representatives do not promise healing.