About Airnergy

Vitalize with Airnergy
20 years of expertise - used millions of times over  


A company promotes energy from within by revitalizing the immediate breathing atmosphere. Suitable for people who are frequently in closed, temperate or air-conditioned rooms due to health, space or work and want to absorb new energy through breathing.


This happens in nature according to the principle of healthy forest air within the framework of photosynthesis and with the help of an affordable processor, the Airnergy Vitalisator, which is designed for energy recharging or, in contemporary terms, forest bathing at home.


For this purpose, the Airnergy Vitalizer was brought to market maturity in 2000 as the first development and presented to a larger audience for the first time as a complete novelty. Designed faithfully to the model of nature as well as the principle long proven according to Victor Schauberger: "Understand and copy nature".


The vitalizers from Airnergy are used today in almost all areas of health or lifestyle and enjoy popularity. Specially developed and designed for people who want to take their own health and lifestyle into their own hands. Holistic oriented doctors and alternative practitioners use the spirovitalization with Airnergy for functional or organic disorders and for basic energetic care, as well as for the further development of previous methods.