AIRNERGY+ Air filter Edition 1 (2 pieces, air and antibacterial filter)
AIRNERGY+ Air filter Edition 1 (2 pieces, air and antibacterial filter)

AIRNERGY+ Air filter Edition 1 (2 pieces, air and antibacterial filter)

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Sparkling element incl. tubes and adaptor (bottle centered)

Our high-quality AIRNERGY Glass Bottle Set with its timeless design is an important part of the AIRNERGY breathing device. For proper use, the glass bottle is filled with water and then the bubble element is inserted. When inserting or removing the bubble element, always ensure that the bubble element is placed carefully and straight so that it does not get jammed in the neck of the bottle and break as a result.


Please rinse the glass bottle before using the device. Before each use, the glass bottle should be freshly filled with about 250 ml (half full) of still and low-calcium water. The water level of about 250 ml (slightly below the AIRNERGY font) must not be exceeded.



  •   Material glass: borosilicate
  •   Premium quality
  •   Durable and non-toxic material
  •   Tubes made of silicone (4 mm Ø)
59,50 EUR
Power supply unit respirators

The Universal EU Power Switching Power Supply for all AIRNERGY breathing devices except the Travel Plus, with detachable 5.5 cm x 3 cm plug is produced in high quality and has a simple modern design.


The rugged case protects against scratches, bumps, drops and withstands pressure. This provides optimal protection for internal components, even in emergencies.



  •   Input: 100-240V~ / 50-60Hz / 600-300mA
  •   Output: 12V / 2500 mA
  •   Connector: 5.5 cm x 3 cm (H x W)
  •   Power supply: 11.5 cm x 3.3 cm (H x W)
  •   Cable length: approx. 180 cm
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Nasal cannula for kids

AIRNERGY Oxygen - Children Nasal Cannulas for breathing devices


Made especially for children, this Airnergy nasal cannula with approx. 2.10 m long oxygen safety hose is transparent, latex-free and DEHP-free. It is equipped with an outer star lumen, which prevents kinking and ensures a continuous oxygen supply.


This nasal cannula reduces health risks due to the phthalate-free composition, making them ideal for long-term use with our Airnergy breathing air devices.

8,21 EUR