AIRNERGY+ Glass bottle Little Atmos
AIRNERGY+ Glass bottle Little Atmos

AIRNERGY+ Glass bottle Little Atmos

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AIRNERGY+ Sparkling Element Little Atmos

The AIRNERGY bubble element Little Atmos is an important component of the breathing apparatus. For proper use, the bubble element is loosely inserted into the bottle previously filled with water. It is important that the bubble element is inserted or removed carefully and straight, so that it does not get jammed in the neck of the bottle and break as a result.


After that, the plug of the bubble element can already be inserted into the device. By pulling on the two white handles, the plug can be released from the device again. Please never pull directly on the hoses.



  •   Material glass: borosilicate
  •   Tubing made of silicone (4 mm Ø)
  •   Material element: sintered glass
47,60 EUR
AIRNERGY+ Air and antibacterial filter Version 2 (2 pieces, PU)

AIRNERGY antibacterial filter (version 2) for devices purchased after 01.01.2014


The AIRNERGY bacteria and virus filter is used on our breathing devices to ensure that contaminated air is purified by the filter and provided to you clean. Viruses, mite eggs, pollen, aerosols, germs and further (toxic) dust particles are also separated from the air.


The filter also reliably prevents contaminated air and liquid from entering the device and thus damaging it.

20,23 EUR