Stream HS equipment

Headset diffuser Stream HS

A unique alternative to our conventional nasal cannulas!


The AIRNERGY headset diffuser is the ideal replacement to the usual nasal cannulas, avoiding the contact with the nasal cannulae.


The first "open" oxygen delivery system to deliver oxygen through a headset. The innovative diffuser is positioned over the mouth and nose and can deliver the same amount of oxygen as our traditional nasal cannulas. Since there is no contact with the face here, the headset diffuser can be used by multiple people.

21,18 EUR
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AIRNERGY replacement ear cushions for the Stream HS in plush


Since the ear pads for the Stream HS are subject to natural wear and tear, it will be necessary to replace them from time to time. If other components need to be replaced, please contact us directly.


Change Stream HS ear cushion (plush):

  • -  Under the ear pads, there is a small notch on the top of both shells to make it easier to change the pads. To do this, hang the ear pad with the retaining edge over the notch located on the top of the earpiece shell.
  • -  Then turn the ear cushion on the right earcup clockwise and then the left earcup counterclockwise until the edge of the complete ear cushion is above the earcup.
  • -  Put on the new cushion and put the edge back over the shell.


31,96 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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